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How to join a fan club

① Tap "Become a member".

② Select "New registration", enter your e-mail address and password, and tap "Agree to the terms and start".

③ You will receive a confirmation email in the registration email.

Confirmation of the e-mail address will be completed by accessing the URL sent to the registration e-mail.

④ Tap "+ Become a member" again and enter the registered e-mail address and password from "Login".

⑤ Please register your user ID, gender, and date of birth.

⑥ When you come to the profile screen, registration to the funk club management site "bitfan" is complete.

* "Identity verification" at the bottom of the screen is only necessary when launching a fan club, and those who become members do not need to apply.

You also don't need to send an image of your ID.

⑦ From the fan club top page, tap "+ Become a member" again to
The payment information registration screen will be displayed.

⑧ A membership card will be sent to those who have completed membership registration, so please enter your member information.

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