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Date of Birth: October 9, 1989 Height: 170 cm


Appeared in the musical "The Prince of Tennis 2nd Season" from December 2011. In 2012, he was the first chairman of the stage "Chorus Bravo!".

Since then, he has appeared in video works mainly on the stage, starring in the movie "Song Dreamers ☆" for the first time in 2016, and making a full-scale musical appearance in the off-Broadway musical "bare".

In 2018, he starred in the TV drama "Lifesaving Warrior Shell Brave" for the first time, fulfilling his dream of becoming a special effects hero.

In the same year, he made his first regular appearance in the BS Japan serial drama J "Gokudo Meshi".

From 2016 to 2019, he has appeared in all seven "Koku Series" of the media mix project "Messiah" series.

From 2019, he will be the first voice actor as a cast of the media mix project "ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream!" And will be in charge of lead guitar for the linked real band "GYROAXIA".

Currently working as a freelancer.

Major appearances

■ Stage

・ "Messiah -Reimeinoki-" Starring: Kogure Kogure

・ "My Hero Academia" The "Ultra" Stage Aoyama Grace

・ Real Fighting "First Step" The Glorious Stage !! Ryuuichi Hayami

・ Broadway musical "GOD SPELL -Kamino Mikotoba-" Starring: Jesus

・ Musical "Anne of Green Gables" as Gilbert Blythe

・ Musical "Department Store!" As Pete

・ "Seraph of the end" The Musical as Yoichi Saotome

・ ROCK MUSICAL BLEACH ~ Another Ground ~ Hanataro Yamada

・ "6 Gento Rondo in a faraway space and time" as Amber

・ Musical "RANGER" Starring: So Yamada

・ Off-Broadway musical "bare" Starring: Peter

・ Japan Playwrights Association Program "Rogue" Nozomi

・ Honan Gumi Planning Performance "Attack No.1" as Lieutenant Shigemichi Furuse

・ Theatrical company PEOPLE PURPLE "AGAIN!" Starring: Ryota Kurusu

・ "Chorus Bravo! ~ Bravo Daisakusen ~" Starring: Futa Takahashi

・ "9 -Nine-" Starring: Hirofumi Haruta

・ Musical "Prince of Tennis 2nd" Hexagonal: The role of Kihiko

■ Voice actor

・ Animation "Argonavis from BanG Dream!" GYROAXIA Kenji Satozuka CV.

■ Drama

・ BS Tv Tokyo Saturday Drama 9 "Tragedy of W Prefectural Police" Episode 7 ('19.9 / 14)

・ BS Japan serial drama J "Gokudo Meshi" Regular: Koji Nomura ('18 .7 / 14 ~ 9/22)

・ Ciba Tele "Lifesaving Warrior Shell Brave" Protagonist: Tenryu Mamoru (Phase 2 '18 .7 / 7 ~ 7/28)

・ BS Tv Tokyo Saturday Drama 9 "Silent Voice Behavioral Psychology Investigator, Ema Tateoka" Episode 5 Jiro Miwa ('18)

・ TBS Monday Masterpiece Theater "Minato Station Lost Items Secret Investigator Dangerous Two" Ken Hikami (Detective) ('17)

・ MBS "Serendipity Story ~ A Journey to Meet a New Self ~" Okayama-Kobe Edition Shun Ogino ('15)

・ EX Saturday Wide Theater "Reversal Report Woman NEWS4" as Yuto Komine ('14)

・ NTV "Perfect Son" Episode 8 ('12)

■ Variety

・ BS Fuji "Youth! Imoto no Mon" ('10)

■ Movie

・ "Messiah -Genya no Koku-" as Kogure Kogure (released on November 17, '18)

・ Theatrical version "The Really Scary Story 2017" Episode 3 Akihito

・ "The Song Dreamers ☆" Starring: Seiji Kiyosumi ('16)

・ "Taekondo Tamashii ~ REBIRTH ~" as Takamori Aida ('14)

■ Music video

・ Nano " Star light, Star bright "



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