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Welcome to S-with U


Shinichi Hashimoto Official Fan Site & Fan Club
Welcome to "S-withU"!

The abbreviation is "Eswith".

These two themes
Shinichi is always with you.
Step Up.

How Shinichi Hashimoto lives as an actor
I need your support.
If there is no one to support and support
I can't be an actor.

Actor Shinichi Hashimoto's way
I hope you will walk with me.

Let's face up together and move forward.

<S-with U enrollment privilege>
-Part 1-
Shinichi Hashimoto will give you a membership card with the member's name handwritten!

-Part 2-
You can see various contents that are open to the public on the site!

-Part 3-
Every year, you will receive a message from yourself on your birthday!

-Part 4-
You can apply for a FC advance ticket for the appearance work!


If you register with the app after the enrollment procedure
You will be notified by push notification! !!
You can also post your comments on the BLOG.

<Fan meeting>

FC member-only events and live distribution will be held irregularly.

* Please be sure to register as a member from the browser, not from the app!         

If you have already registered as a member, we will send you a membership card.
Thank you for your input of member-like information
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You also don't need to send an image of your ID.

⑦ From the fan club top page, tap "+ Become a member" again to
The payment information registration screen will be displayed.

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